Puppy Pix

Week 4

Move to bigger whelping pen – no more pig rails- no Mummy  nursing constantly nor cleaning up 

Pups also go outside during the day – starting to lap food

Week 3

Last time Putzi nursed lying down  – Pups have teeth

Pups are outgrowing their whelping box – several have escaped – time  to move on


Day 17

Pups develop personalities – play fight – explore surroundings and each other


Day 15

Pups starting to walk, eyes opening – feeding frenzy

Day 11

Putzi ate Kibble!

Day 8

full tummy


Biggest pup – Red – has outgrown his collar

Sated pups


Putzi developed pneumonia

Pups nursing aggressively

Orange male sleeping it off



5 pups nursing – Light Blue and Dark Blue are the Females, Orange, Red and White are Males