is a lovely 8 year old female from Kaos’s first litter. Unfortunately, her owner  with whom she has lived on an island off the coast of Massachusetts for  most of her wonderful life has died recently. The owner’s daughter cannot keep her and Raya is looking for another home. She [daughter] writes: She loves swimming and going for long walks and hikes. She is very confident and responsive off leash. She is very active and mostly healthy, she has had some arthritis issues but it seems to be managed well with daily medicine. She is really cuddly and loving, thrives with lots of attention. Both my Mom and Dad were home a lot with her so she is used to having people around as much as possible.

The dog is presently in  Elizabethtown in the Adirondacks, a wonderful place to visit. I’m sure transportation could be arranged.

Please contact asteer@asteer.ca