Kaos Am/MH, CD, Am/Can WCX, ***

kaos first

is a very special dog. She is above all else a huntress and has learned the  skills needed for pheasant hunting all  on her own. She points, she flushes them,  she  flushes them towards me so I can try to shoot, she will chase them down if they fly away and  will oftentimes come back minutes later with the indignantly squawking pheasant.  She has never really enjoyed training for field trials but does come up at  events. She won an all-breed Q in 2015 and has a few Q placings and lots of JAMS but has become trial-wise  and knows when  she can get away with  whatever she wants to do. She is an excellent marker and  can always find her birds, sometimes just not the  way I’d like her to. She finished her Master Hunter in style with  few non qualifications.

She is a very athletic bitch, somewhat large, sturdy bones, good structure and wonderful gait.

Kaos is a Kosmo grandaughter. Her sire Havoc was 14 when he sired her and was my best dog. She is like him. An excellent hunter – keen prey drive -very soft mouth. She catches my escapee ducks every morning.

She is more biddable than Havoc was and got her Canadian CD in 2014 in  4 out of 5 with  3 first placings.

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