Puppies’ Pictures

Week 6 to 7

Pups are proper little dogs now. Very independent and super intelligent. They have doors figured out.  They follow me if I call – I don’t have to carry them out or in. They go under the deck but are smart enough  to come back out they way they went in. When I let them out today and went inside to prepare their food, they went down the driveway and headed towards the pond all by themselves. Mom has finally dried up and no longer nurses. They try to nurse off Marco but he tells them off. The males are all really nice, always at the front of the pack and very vocal. The females are all very similar. There’s Pink [also very vocal]who is in charge of everything and makes sure everyone knows it [although Liver and Orange have taken exception], Orange who is a bit reticent and hanging back for a while but is now solidly in the pack and Light Blue who has a cowlick running the length of her nose – really cute.

here are some videos of pups following me to the pond

With my neighbour’s help, we took  individual pictures [some videos]of each pup

Dark Blue [male]

Liver [male]


Red [male]

Pink [Female]

Green [Female]

Light Blue [Female]


Plum [Female]

Orange [Female]



Week 5 to 6

Pups are going outside, Went swimming for first time. Followed me down the driveway, through heavy cover and into the pond without breaking stride – no whimpering or  reticence at water’s edge – just kept going and  were swimming.


Pups – week 4 to 5

They are growing rapidly, consuming  moist food , no longer nursing – about 2 days after  their 4th week anniversary, they outgrew their whelping box and moved into their new play area. Big Blue [dark blue male] and  Pink [female ]  are the bruisers of the lot. Pink especially delights in mauling other pups until they scream for mercy. Liver  is complacent until pushed too far and then  retaliates with a vengeance.  I will  attempt to take more individual pictures in the next few days but am dealing with other things [Cliff is  in palliative care at home and the end is near] Pups would welcome visitors now.

Pups – week 3 to 4

They have grown – went from  nursing to  learning to lap  and  now greedily chomping down   gelatinous food. Of course, they wind up wearing lots of it. Their rapid growth can be seen in these pictures. Big Blue is still the  bruiser of the lot. They are now wearing their  3rd set of collars, pooping on their own and interacting with one another.

Videos – nearly 4 weeks

Videos – 3 1/2 weeks

Videos -3 weeks

Pups – Day 16-17


liver and orange in huddle

liver and orange in huddle

Pups – Days 3-7

It has been rough – Kaos had a  very high fever but  pups  nursing well – some are starting to wobble walk

Males – Dark Blue, Red, Liver

Females – Lt Pink: AKA White, Green, Light Blue, Plum
Pups – Day 1




IMG_20170430_104322 IMG_20170501_212323 IMG_20170501_212354 IMG_20170501_213357 IMG_20170502_152802 IMG_20170502_152817 IMG_20170504_191745 IMG_20170504_191826 IMG_20170504_192302 IMG_20170506_084751 IMG_20170506_085044 IMG_20170506_090055 IMG_20170506_090133



Kaos’s first litter – July 2015

Pups at 4 days

Pups at 4 weeks

Pups at 6 weeks

Pups with their new owners