Ivy & Willie

Puppies Born, Nov. 8, 2012

4 Males

This is Ivy's last litter. I felt this was an important breeding, despite her advanced age. I was struck by Willie's youthful exuberance, his drive and birdiness and his wonderfully joyful attitude at age 11+. Ivy is biddability personified whereas Willie has strong opinions about what to do.

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Sometimes things are meant to be - the OOPS litter

Ivy & Kosmo

Puppies Born

March 29, 2010

3 Females & 2 Males


This was not a planned breeding. I was putting Ivy in the truck for the night, she was in season but still early, Kosmo was safely tied to the trailer about 50 feet away. It was cold, so I put a blanket in Ivy's crate, when I stuck my head out to put her up - she was already tied to Kosmo. I've opted to go ahead with this litter mainly because Kosmo is such an exceptional FCR. The only living Flatcoat to have placed in major stakes [Amateur and finished 2 opens] he is an exceptional marker with incredible drive and birdiness. Ivy is very sweet, has good atttitude to work, is very biddable and is an extremely good lining dog. She has several Qual placings in both US and Canada.
Both dogs are rather small - Ivy at 21.5 inches and Kosmo at 22 inches. Kosmo is 10 years old but you wouldn't know it - still eager to run with the other dogs, happy to get a bird when he can, he is enjoying a well-earned retirement. Ivy wanted to have pups again and although she was training really well, will not be competing for the next little while.

Pups - Day 8


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Our first litter [2009]


Puppies Born

March 5, 2009

3 Females & 4 Males

Ivy &Havoc

Puppies Born

March 5, 2009

3 Females & 4 Males

This has been a long awaited litter. When I went to the line at the 2003 Steady Singles first with Kosmo, then with Havoc, [who won] one of the judges said to the other - 2 good dogs - where did she get 2 good dogs? Ever since, I have wanted to combine the best of both Havoc and Kosmo [Ivy's sire] . Ivy is very petite, dainty, extremely biddable and eager to please with a tremendous work ethic and joy in retrieving. Havoc is rock-solid, determined, a good marker with a tremendous heart and competitive will. While sometimes a bit opinionated, he has tremendous will power and is very focused and dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to. A bit on the large size at 24.5 inches, he is in good health, demonstrating exceptional longevity and at age 14 has managed to sire this long-awaited litter. Ivy is small, 21.5 inches, with exceptional willingness to please and desire to work. Both dogs are a great pleasure to have around, Havoc especially is a very gentle, happy soul who still welcomes all with a tremendously thumping tail!

Pups - Day 6

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These puppies will be well-suited for good performance homes.
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